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Steeledale Reinforcing & Trading Namibia (Pty) Ltd: Beating the odds of steel

The steel industry hasn’t always been an ideal workplace for women. Worse off where the construction is related, for they are both, boys’ [...]

The Importance of land surveying in Namibia

Surveying and land surveying is the measurement and mapping of our surrounding environment using mathematics, specialised technology and equipment. Surveyors [...]

Land Surveying from Marwa’s lenses

G. Marwa Land Surveyors have in a short space of time become a professional land surveying firm serving the Namibian people and its landscapes. From [...]

Who Really Owns Namibian Mines?

  NAMDEB – De Beers 50% - GRN 50%. De Beers has been a family business of the South African based Oppenheimer until 2012 when Nicholas [...]

Groundwater – Sustaining life in arid Namibia

Large expanses of Namibia have no surface water sources and an estimated 80% of the surface area of the country depends entirely on groundwater. The [...]

ENI Consulting Engineers

ENI Consulting Engineers Cc (ECE) was established on 24 March 2010 and is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm specializing in civil, structural, electrical [...]

Almod in the thick of things

Reuven Paikin (RP), Almod Diamonds Namibia General Director discusses how the flagship of the country’s diamond cutting and polishing industry has created an [...]

Eos Capital thinks infrastructure

Leading private equity firm specialising in buyouts, growth capital, industry consolidations and recapitalisations, Eos Capital, has arrived on the Namibian [...]

Rachel’s Notepad: Being Site-Engineer on Windhoek-Okahandja Trunk-works

Hers is a story of a dreamer born in a life of abject poverty, her father dying a month after she was born, and her grandmother weeping all the way to the [...]

Paladin to close Namibia uranium mine

PERTH ( – Uranium miner Paladin Energy on Thursday announced that it was unlikely to resume physical mining activities at [...]