Namibbeton: The perfect fit for Namibia’s Civil Engineering

The profession is also expected to expand by 8 percent in the next 10 years, as increasing urbanization and an interest in renewable-energy create new [...]


You woke up this morning, brushed your teeth, ate breakfast, drank a glass of water and most probably climbed in a car. While on your way to school or work, [...]

Utilizing FRPs for concrete strengthening

The aptness of FRPs for strengthening a structure can be determined by comprehending what FRP is and the advantages it offers, but more importantly, the [...]

Understanding the thermal mass leader

Concrete has dynamic properties that beat other materials when it comes to maximizing the temperature regulation of structures internally, with tilt-up [...]

Re-engineering innovation: Abisai Nambahu

Bachelor of Technology Degree in Civil Engineering from the Cape University of Technology, South Africa; National Diploma in Civil Engineering and [...]

Engineer of the Month: Ndapewa Paulus

Working as Civil Engineer for Windhoek Consulting Engineers, under the Transport Division which provides services in the fields of planning, design and [...]

Build It and Ohorongo Cement open bricklaying academy

The target is to ideally train 210 people in all 14 regions of the country over a period of two years. Should each of those 15 people only employ 2 people, [...]

Tulipamwe: Engineering core business and strengths during tough construction times

Twelve years at Windhoek Consulting Engineers’ water engineering department led to opportunities in Dubai and Bahrain for civil engineer Jacques Beukes [...]