Electrical Engineering

ABB opens new office in Namibia

ABB reaffirms commitment to Namibia with its new 2 200sqm facility. ABB entrenches its commitment in Southern Africa by opening a new 2 200 m² facility in [...]

From Engineers to Entrepreneurs: Inspiration from Megatron

Like most engineers, E.Z Jansen Van Vuuren and Roual Spangenberg studied their environment well before successfully executing their plans. Those are some of [...]

Tuhupa Zatjirua: An engineer par excellence

For Tuhupa Zatjirua, her illustrious career of more than 10 years as an engineer has been guided by one word - ‘metamorphosis’. “Each day must be [...]

A short UPS Q & A

Firstly let's start with the basics and everything you ever wanted to know about Eaton Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) but were afraid to ask. Here is a [...]

Rob Mcglees and Eaton Partnership: Bringing Power Management Solutions to Namibia

Eaton South Africa, a global technology leader in diversified power management solutions, announced an extension to their partnership agreement with Rob [...]

Uninterruptible Power Supply through Rob Mcglees Engineering

Around 60 million computers tend to fail worldwide each year, thus power related disruptions account for a large proportion of critical data loss and [...]

Galaxi Production: A Namibia Premier

Founded in April of 2001, Galaxi Productions has grown into one of Namibia’s cut-throat hubs of innovation. Driven by the demand and need for stage, sound, [...]

How Radial Truss makes engineering tick

Government’s decision to gag tenders could be a hard knock to the country’s contractors and many local contracting companies. Among them is the company [...]