Electricity Generation

ABB opens new office in Namibia

ABB reaffirms commitment to Namibia with its new 2 200sqm facility. ABB entrenches its commitment in Southern Africa by opening a new 2 200 m² facility in [...]

From Engineers to Entrepreneurs: Inspiration from Megatron

Like most engineers, E.Z Jansen Van Vuuren and Roual Spangenberg studied their environment well before successfully executing their plans. Those are some of [...]

The role of generator sets in the new landscape of microgrids

Since 2010, it has increased by a factor of 1.5 and, according to the International Energy Agency, it is predicted to grow 32% by 2040. How can this growth [...]

Renewable Energy the Transtech way

There is a direct correlation between economic growth and electricity supply. If sub-Saharan Africa is to fulfill its promise, it needs power-and lots of [...]

INOVA: Improving quality of life through renewable energy

As renewable energy undergoes rapid deployment and implementation in Namibia, INOVA General Distributors is offering a foray into a solution that not only is [...]

After Namibia, CIG remains uncertain but sees growth potential in Africa

Pan-African infrastructure group Consolidated Infrastructure Group (CIG) has posted revenue growth of 29% to R2.7-billion for the six months to February 28, [...]

Sub-Saharan Africa lags in renewable energy policies

Government policies that promote renewable energy are severely lacking in Sub-Saharan Africa according to a new World Bank report. Compared to first world [...]

Karibib gets Solar Power Plant

A 5-Mega-Watt Solar PV Power Plant in Karibib was this morning inaugurated in the Erongo town, increasing the number of renewable energy projects [...]

Nampower pens 5-year power deal with Eskom

  By Ngurimuje Humavindu NamPower has signed a new five-year 200MW power supply agreement with South Africa’s power utility, Eskom to ensure [...]