Karibib sets tone for the future

Towns used to grow by accident. Sure, the location usually made sense-someplace defensible, on a hill or an island, or somewhere near an extractable [...]

Sub-Saharan Africa lags in renewable energy policies

Government policies that promote renewable energy are severely lacking in Sub-Saharan Africa according to a new World Bank report. Compared to first world [...]

InnoSun: The pioneer of renewable energy in Namibia

Being the first Independent Power Producer (IPP) to have successfully developed, financed and constructed a solar power plant in Namibia, Innosun Energy has [...]

Nampower secures mega Hardap power deal

NamPower, has selected ALTEN Energías Renovables to develop, execute and operate a photovoltaic (PV) solar power plant. Located on the outskirts of [...]

Langer Heinrich in Paladin dispute

    Windhoek-Paladin Energy Limited plans to start arbitration proceedings against CNNC Overseas Uranium Holdings Ltd (CNNC Overseas) amid [...]

Nampower pens 5-year power deal with Eskom

  By Ngurimuje Humavindu NamPower has signed a new five-year 200MW power supply agreement with South Africa’s power utility, Eskom to ensure [...]

Namibia’s meteorite could be helpful in renewable energy

Renewable energy could get a helping hand from outer space in the future after Swiss scientists found that prehistoric meteorite fragments from Namibia’s [...]

From Energy Consumer to Energy Prosumer

Namibia had to learn a lesson after the power purchase agreement with South Africa had to be renegotiated and sufficient excess energy from this country [...]

Solar Age: Putting energy into the hands of Namibians

Solar Age, one of the pioneering companies in the development of solar energy technologies in Namibia, has committed itself to promoting sustainable [...]

Electricity Production at the Point of Consumption

Residences, office buildings, schools, workshops, factories and supermarkets share one common denominator: they require electricity to fulfil their function. [...]