A short UPS Q & A

Firstly let's start with the basics and everything you ever wanted to know about Eaton Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) but were afraid to ask. Here is a [...]

Utilizing FRPs for concrete strengthening

The aptness of FRPs for strengthening a structure can be determined by comprehending what FRP is and the advantages it offers, but more importantly, the [...]

The role of generator sets in the new landscape of microgrids

Since 2010, it has increased by a factor of 1.5 and, according to the International Energy Agency, it is predicted to grow 32% by 2040. How can this growth [...]

INOVA: Improving quality of life through renewable energy

As renewable energy undergoes rapid deployment and implementation in Namibia, INOVA General Distributors is offering a foray into a solution that not only is [...]

Namibia hosts awareness seminar on Upstream Undertakings

The Centre for Oil and Gas (COG), under the auspices of the Namibia Energy Institute (NEI), this month hosted an oil and gas seminar which discussed upstream [...]

Curb Architects’ unjustifiable high standard of specifications

ARTEE PROJECT ENGINEERS is a Namibian dynamic service providers of professional technical and management support services, including planning, advisory, [...]

How Radial Truss makes engineering tick

Government’s decision to gag tenders could be a hard knock to the country’s contractors and many local contracting companies. Among them is the company [...]