Project Focus

Nakathilo Commercial and Logistics Plaza

  Introduction: Nakathilo Commercial and Logistics Plaza is a regional significant project being facilitated by Trans-Kalahari Logistics. The main [...]

Roads Authority completes Road Transport Sustainability Plan

Key Highlights: Hints on shadow tolling instead of toll gates Moves to curtail borrow pits along the main highways Say southern roads are [...]

Sanlam spearheads war on wastewater management and sanitation

Sanlam Namibia recently handed over an amount of two hundred and fifty thousand (N$250 000.00) to the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD) towards [...]

RMB sheds light on global changes and it’s impact on Nam commodities

One of the issues that remains a perpetual bugbear in Namibia is slow implementation of national programmes to unlock the country’s economic growth [...]

Confidence is at its lowest ever By Daniel Steinmann

Recently in various meetings with a number of people, it transpired that the government owes contractors in the construction sector, hundreds of millions of [...]

Saving Von Bach: Knight Piésold’s stitch in time

Civil engineering is often called the oldest engineering discipline, as humans have been building roads, bridges, and water ducts for thousands of years. [...]

Water Drilling: Accessing Windhoek’s larger slice

The primary objective of the WMARS is to increase the internal long-term sustainable water supply capacity of the City by injecting water into an aquifer [...]

D&M steadies Continuous Welded Rail Innovations on 30kg/m rail

When rails are welded in continuous lengths very high longitudinal stresses develop in the track structure as the expansion of the rails cannot be taken up [...]