Who Really Owns Namibian Mines?

  NAMDEB – De Beers 50% - GRN 50%. De Beers has been a family business of the South African based Oppenheimer until 2012 when Nicholas [...]

Beyond the Chinese Headlines: Walvis Bay port reshaping Namibia

  By Confidence Musariri The shuttle speeds past Hilton Hotel but Oiva Willbard’s pensiveness turns into apprehension as he finds himself [...]

NAMDIA: Deals many African countries failed

Introduction and background The Government of The Republic of Namibia (GRN) and De Beers have been longstanding partners in the diamond industry since 1994 [...]

Waiting for Windhoek’s solar powered taxi

__By Ngurimuje Humavindu During the hellish rush hour, taxis are the fastest way to get around Windhoek and head home. Somehow Simon Annanias has [...]

Towards smarter aviation: Inside the NUST-Airbus deal

As part of its strategic plan for developing the country’s aerospace, geo-information, earth observation and spatial science capabilities, the Namibian [...]

Langer Heinrich in Paladin dispute

    Windhoek-Paladin Energy Limited plans to start arbitration proceedings against CNNC Overseas Uranium Holdings Ltd (CNNC Overseas) amid [...]

Top 4 tips to consider when hiring a contractor

Getting the right contractor for a project can be a daunting task. Here are some of the top factors to consider when picking the right contractor. 1) [...]