Element Consulting Engineers receive EPA Certification

Sixteen engineers from Element Consulting have this month received certification as corporate members of the Engineering Professionals Association (EPA) of Namibia.

EPA members benefit from their participation through workshops, networking with their engineering colleagues and by learning from the pool of knowledge sustained by the various members who continuously bring new ideas forth.

Qualified engineers in Namibia can become a part of the EPA by notifying the organisation and making due arrangements for the certification to take place. The Managing Director of Element Consulting Engineers Arthur Loftie-Eaton also spoke on the necessity of EPA membership for their engineers and how beneficial it is for both the company and the sector as a whole.

He said, “We are constantly looking at ways in which we can play our part in the promoting of engineering in Namibia. For instance, for foreign investors to come on board with engagements with our country, they are particularly interested in our economic stability and also infrastructural development.

Engineering is an important aspect of infrastructural development therefor, us the engineers and our companies we have to ensure that we are in the forefront of contributing to it. Having our engineers as members of EPA is one of the ways in which we can together and collectively move towards a bigger goal.”

Element is a multi-disciplinary company with many departments comprising engineers with many years of experience. Over the past 10 years, the team has grown and has established synergy amongst themselves especially through new engineers who have come up from the company’s bursary programmes.

For 2017, Element managed to navigate successfully through the economic downturn the country faced and completed sustainable projects and engaged new private clients. Loftie-Eaton also reiterated the company’s continuous drive to be a service provider that tackles all problems presented to them and meets all the client’s needs.

“We currently have a lot of projects on hold because of the economic situation but we always complete whatever job we commit to. For the long and short-term period our goals are to remain competent players in the engineering sector and to maintain good relations with our clients,” he stated.

EPA President Frederick Muketi welcomed the group saying, “The future of the country is with the young minds and we are always open to nurturing and working with them as best we can. It is beneficial to the whole of Namibia if members of respective fields and sectors work together for the greater good of their professions. We at EPA, know this and strive to continually engage more and more engineers to identify under our umbrella so that we can harness the immense wealth of experience and knowledge that are among our members.”

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