From Engineers to Entrepreneurs: Inspiration from Megatron

Like most engineers, E.Z Jansen Van Vuuren and Roual Spangenberg studied their environment well before successfully executing their plans. Those are some of the qualities that primed them for entrepreneurship and enabled them to be laudable players in the industry. But despite their penchant for planning and persistence in business, they attribute their progress to God and His grace.

“Our company is a unique organisation, our business principles are faith based, we know that our staff are vital to our success and their wellbeing is important to us. Our aim is to make sure that every employee, should they ever leave our organisation, leaves as a better individual, not just with skills, but also as a person…

…When we started our company in 2013 we received a lot of resistance from the industry but we stuck to our principles and beliefs. It is very important to surround yourself with good business partners and keep being consistent in business when you receive a lot of resistance, because that only means you are on to something great…

…Now, a few years into business, we look back at the successes of the projects we have completed and are very proud. The journey to our successes can be very helpful to younger, budding engineers who have an interest in pursuing business in various fields,” says Spangenberg.


Background of Megatron

Megatron Engineering Namibia (Pty) Ltd opened its doors in November 2013, with the aim to offer a full local supply, installation and commissioning service of Medium Voltage equipment and solutions.

Megatron Engineering Namibia (MEN) surrounded itself with leading global brands and can offer a full local warranty on all the products that it represents. We also ensure that our team is comprised of the best up and coming local Namibians.

The outcome was extremely positive and we have successfully completed a number of projects.

“We have managed to successfully supply the market because we fulfill all our project goals and never leave a job half-finished or unsatisfactory. I have always believed that anyone can win a tender but if they lack the commitment and genuine sentiment towards the job itself, then an unsatisfactory job will attest to that. We have, however, been successful when we stick to our goals and our completed jobs speak for our work ethic,” says Spangenberg.

MEN have successfully to date been involved in a number of Renewable Energy Projects – most notably, the recent completion of the Ombepo WindPark in Lüderitz. We feel that we have gained unrivalled experience and this opportunity to work on such a prestigious project has hopefully opened up doors for us in similar projects beyond the borders of Namibia.


Being a multi-disciplinary engineering company, the company offers a wide range of engineering services.

These include:

  • Protection, Integration and Automation for Solar Projects.
  • Substation and Protection Commissioning
  • Sales, supply, delivery and installation of Medium Voltage Switchgear, distribution and Power Transformers
  • MV Switchgear routine maintenance and refurbishments
  • Protection and ARC flash refurbishments on MV Switchgear
  • Protection refurbishments on conventional Substations
  • Routine maintenance on conventional Substations
  • Complete turn-key solutions on MV Switchgear and conventional Substations
  • Protection and automation solutions on MV Switchgear and Substations
  • Protections audits
  • Assembly of Mini Substations
  • Manufacturing of Containerized Substations

Experience of Megatron

Megatron has a combined professional experience of some 40 years amongst its directors and employees.

“We do however, have a very unique approach in our employee selection criteria because when we take someone on board, they do not necessarily have the right qualifications. We look for someone that has the willingness to learn and improve. The company believes in the value of practical experience and fully supports its employees in their desire to create a better life for themselves and their families…

…Megatron is, for all extents and purposes, like a family. That, I think, is what Megatron is all about – being actively involved in creating a better future for Namibia and Namibians. In that light, we currently offer practical learning experience to a student from the Namibia University of Technology – after every placement job he returns to the classroom with a wealth of practical experience.

Megatron believes in a hands-on approach on all projects. That is why the director of the firm will always be in control of the key functions of all projects. MEN is equipped with the latest technology and has the necessary staff and resources to ensure the best professional service is provided at all times.

Support and Specialist Services Input

Megatron sees teamwork, quality and unrivalled service on every project as the key success factor that distinguishes the company from others. The overall project manager is duty-bound in ensuring effective communication to all stakeholders and at all levels, and also within the company.

Teams are built by combining the strengths of the individual members and refining skills to meet and exceed the client’s expectations.

“Megatron has been in existence for four years – we have been blessed and are satisfied with our progress so far. It has not been an easy road but our team’s passion, collaboration with customers, persistence, never-say-die attitude and faith in God has taken us where we are…

…That is what we hope our engineering counterparts coming up in entrepreneurship will emulate, so we can all collectively grow the engineering industry and country’s economy,” concludes Spangenberg.

Contact Details

Tel: +264 61 239 203

P.O. Box 81792, Olympia,

Windhoek, Namibia

Physical Address

Unit 4, Palnik Square, Nickel Street

Prosperita Industrial, Windhoek, Namibia

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