Nathalie Gôagoses steps down as Erongo CRO


Bringing lasting impact is about more than just making changes when you are there, it is about leaving change that will be felt long after you have gone.Four years after taking up role as the chief regional officer of Erongo, Nathalie Gôagoses is retiring, and she has made sure the ship has and will continue to sail unbothered.

As she steps down, many projects were successfully implemented from construction of services, sewer, and rural sanitation to infrastructure development within the region’s settlement areas. Perhaps the most memorable undertaking, or rather challenge of her tenure was the resolution of the Wlotzkasbaken which had dragged for over a decade.

Since the year 2000, the regional council and regional government ministry wanted to expand and develop the holiday settlement about 35 kilometres north of Swakopmund by allocating additional plots of land for new houses to be built there.  The Wlotzkasbaken Home Owners’ Association agreed to accept a proposed layout but on conditions to which the regional council did not agree. This led to a series of legal actions which saw the parties in and out of courts for several years.

To date, the association has had rulings in its favour which led to appeals by the regional council. ERONGO governor Cleophas Mutjavikua had said Wlotzkasbaken and the court case around it remained a serious bottleneck in the process of development.

The settlement is in and out of courts, which hampers any development programme of the regional council. While the regional council sees a prestige suburb development, others see that there must be a bottleneck, had said Mutjavikua that time.

Gôagoses was able to see a court settlement being reached between the Erongo Regional Council and the Wlotzkasbaken Home OwNers’ Association. I made a conscience decision that I would tackle it with both the legal and technical team. We went back to the High Court and a win-win situation was reached. The outcome was that erven was sold to the occupants as per court order, good revenue was collected from the transaction.This income was earmarked to be reinvested in the settlement.

Gôagoses adds, “Unfortunately, due to undue interests I am leaving the Council without executing the much-needed development at Wlotskasbaken. However, I am sure the technocrats will continue without fear or favour with the development of the settlement.  That is my legacy.”

After years of bringing change to the educational sector in the Omaheke region as the Director of Education, she brought to the role of CRO of Erongo over 25 years of managerial experience.  When Gôagoses took office in on 1 January 2013, her priority was to review the Strategic plan 2012-2017.

The aim was to ensure the full implementation of the strategic objectives. And with the compilation of an annual plan she ensured the full implementation of the lawful resolutions taken by Council and established sound relationships with core stakeholders and created a work culture where each staff member’s contribution was crucial.

And besides that, her role in the just ended droughts which was so severe has seen much livestock and other animals undoubtedly saved. Gôagoses’ relentless efforts in going out to seek assistance yielded positive results thanks to Clara Bohitile, chairperson of FNB foundation. The foundation assisted the farmers with fodder worth N$1m and many animals were saved as a result.

“My biggest lessons learnt during my tenure is stay put to what is right and beneficial to the community you serve rather than to please an individual with dubious and corrupt mentality because of fear of intimidation. In my time here I have been faced with challenges of interference by some political office bearers in administration which had negative trend or standstill of development programmes,” she regales.

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