Oshikuku plans growth

Oshikuku’s long term plans of setting itself apart as the premier alternate residential town to Oshakati and Ongwediva is taking firm ground with a new Strategic Plan to be launched this month.

Leading the charge is its Acting CEO, George Hipondoka, who has stressed that the developing urban agriculture and availing land for institutional development will remain key.


“We are just 30-40 km from both Oshakati and Ongwediva towns respectively and we would like to achieve our goal by forging ahead with the provision of serviced land. We also intend to attract more investors to Oshikuku in the areas of Tourism, Multi Storage Facilities and retail markets.” To this regard, and boasting the burial place of the late King of the UUkwambi, King Iipumbu Ya Tshilongo, the town has exhibited itself at festivals and events such as Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair (OATF), Olufuko Festival, as well as the construction of the Oshikuku Cultural Heritage Centre.

Oshikuku holds great potential for growth in various areas such as infrastructural development, cultural heritage development, tourism development and others. With this, Hipondoka hopes investment in the town will grow exponentially in the years to come.  Oshikuku lies between various towns/settlements, such as, Outapi, Okalongo, Elim, Oshakati as well as growth points which surrounds its peripheries. There is a constant flow of traffic and movement of people between these points.

“Oshikuku is between these centres, and we would like to be the commercial centres of these settlements and growth points that lies on our peripheries. We have a dedicated and committed team that is ready to assist our potential investors to settle and business in Oshikuku. We have space for business opportunities and development. For an investor that is looking for growth and expansion, Oshikuku is the Best Option. Our Town is small, thus offering proximity to other services as advantage,” Hipondoka says.


A drive around the town informs you activity is on the buzz. Currently the Council is busy with Phase 2 of the Cultural Heritage Centre, which is the construction of the gravel access road, Ablution Building, office building, Guardhouse, swimming pool, as well as Bungalows and braai facilities. In addition to that, Council has also budgeted for the surveying of Extension 8, a Mixed Land Use Development and they have finished servicing Ext 3, with water, electricity, sewer and gravel roads.

“We have a PPP venture with a developer to develop Extension 7, and we have Extension 8 that we are going to survey in this Financial Year (2017/18). And we have already started with the planning of another new Extension, which will be known as Extension 9,” adds the Acting CEO. A good rapport with our community has been gained through Council engaging with the Oshikuku residents on various topics. Of course, challenges remain. “Lack of adequate financial resources to carry out our mandate fully such as provision of serviced and developed Erven Provision of Water and electricity services, parks and other services. The attraction of potential investors is also a challenge,” says Hipondoka.

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