Karibib sets tone for the future

Towns used to grow by accident. Sure, the location usually made sense-someplace defensible, on a hill or an island, or somewhere near an extractable [...]

INOVA: Improving quality of life through renewable energy

As renewable energy undergoes rapid deployment and implementation in Namibia, INOVA General Distributors is offering a foray into a solution that not only is [...]

Sub-Saharan Africa lags in renewable energy policies

Government policies that promote renewable energy are severely lacking in Sub-Saharan Africa according to a new World Bank report. Compared to first world [...]

Karibib gets Solar Power Plant

A 5-Mega-Watt Solar PV Power Plant in Karibib was this morning inaugurated in the Erongo town, increasing the number of renewable energy projects [...]

InnoSun: The pioneer of renewable energy in Namibia

Being the first Independent Power Producer (IPP) to have successfully developed, financed and constructed a solar power plant in Namibia, Innosun Energy has [...]