Tulinavo: An assurance of repute

Founded in 2013 by Dankie Munenguni, Tulinavo Investment Group (TIG) is a diverfsied group of companies with business interest in the arena of property development, construction, ,Waste management and investment consultancy services, just to mention a few.

From a general works contractor, the group has grown into one of the country’s most established entities with experience in design and building solutions, project management services building trades and other related engineering works.

Today Tulinavo Investment Group is a main contractor for small to medium sized projects and performs project management services as well as design inputs and engineering solutions to its clients

“Our objective is to provide our clients with an ‘I am assured’ experience when we are chosen to execute their projects. Our emphasis on clear communication and follow-through procedures ensures that clients’ objectives are top priority in the planning and execution of all our processes,” says Munenguni.

The Group’s project management and execution philosophy is centered around:

  • Create detailed schedule and resources plan to meet clients project objective.
  • Communicate clearly with all project stakeholders.
  • Track project progress and ne tune deviations.
  • Supervise closely on quality of work done.
  • Complete and commission the project on time.

From a N$750-00 starting capital, the Group has now worked on multiple small to medium sized projects  , with the Ministry Of Agriculture , NHE , and Rundu Town Council

“In these few short years I have acquired a lot of skills and learned most of the basic principles of running a company and executing projects. I have learned how to work with people, manage employees and the whole concept of project management.

How to make use of time properly, being a project manager on site and behind the office desk.

It has also increased my confidence in project execution. You need to be well organised, have the right project management skills and get your funds together.

I would like to gain a good reputation and build my brand. To always be known for service delivery beforehand and for integrity purposes,” says Munenguni.

But it has not come without a setback for Munenguni, particularly in 2017. “Delayed payments led to work coming to a standstill and had to lay off people and had scale down operations. We had problems with our creditors and had

Cash flow problems.

And yet the best captain learns in the toughest of storms; “The biggest lesson from all this was that in future we must establish a sinking fund to help weather the lean years.

As SME’s we rarely build a sinking fund and when times get tough we run into financial crisis.”

Major Milestones:

  • Installed Irrigation Scheme.
  • Renovations to Existing Farm Buildings in Vhungu Vhungu.
  • Construction of War Veteran Houses for NHE.
  • 10km electric fence for Nambwa Cooperative Farm.

Advice to Government:

The government should ensure that all tenders are backed up by an available and disbursable Government Budget.

Government needs to promote integrity, accountability, transparency, competitive supply, effectiveness, efficiency, fair-dealing, responsiveness, informed decision-making, consistency, legality and integration in the procurement of assets, we also suggest that if we are to be truly transparent all tender bids be published fully in the media for all to see and gauge how fair the bidding process was.

We would suggest that a bill be enacted to strengthen the Construction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF) with powers to blacklist the corrupt and professional and incompetent members. For example, the Medical council has powers to blacklist, expel and ban doctors found guilty of malpractice.

In the construction industry malpractice would include inflated prices on imports, use of inferior materials and insider trading. We also suggest special water rates apply for the construction industry.

For Munenguni, TIG envisions itself with a N$100 million turnover over the coming ten years, plus a regional footprint buoyed by over 500 employees.

“We expect by then to have a fully-fledged pension and Medical aid scheme for all our employees. As a construction company we shall built accommodation units for our employees and implement a home ownership scheme to foster employee loyalty,” he says of his vision.

Besides expensive and inadequate water supply within the construction industry, the lack of technical skills in mechanical, civil and electrical engineering fields keeps Munenguni awake at night.

“We have inadequate professors and trainers in engineering in Namibia and we are highly dependent on foreign expertise. We need to isolate engineering teachers and professors from the normal educational streams and remuneration systems and create incentives for Namibians to take up this technical fields,” he says.

With TIG’s major efforts leaning towards the Walvis Bay Waterfront project this year, TIG remains enthusiastic about its commitment to providing jobs, quality services, maximum returns.

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